California wildfires: Beavercreek grad doing her part to survive

8:34 p.m Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017 Local

A Beavercreek grad is among those suffering through the California wildfires. 

Katie Bella was among the thousands who were evacuated Tuesday morning. She spent the night at one of the many shelters set up at the Ventura County Fairgrounds and elsewhere. 

Wednesday, she was allowed to return to her home because the winds shifted to the south -- away from her home. She's living without electricity. And there's a boil advisory in effect as well. 

"It almost looks like it's snowing a little bit from all the ashes that are falling," she told News Center 7's Katie Bartley on Wednesday afternoon. 

Bella said she's one of the lucky ones because she had advanced warning about the fires. Her neighbors in Santa Paula and midtown Ventura haven't been so fortunate. 

All she can do now is to hose down dry brush around her home and continue to prepare for anything.

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