20 men from the area are on death row. Here's what they did.

The state’s next execution is scheduled for Wednesday. Gary Otte 45, was convicted of killing two people in Cleveland when he was 20. Otte will be the second inmate scheduled for execution since executions were halted in 2013. 

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There are 20 men on death row from the seven-county region. Read more about them and their cases below.

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Richard Bays

Greene County

Bays was placed on death row for the Nov. 15, 1993 killing of Charles H. Weaver of Xenia. Bays repeatedly attacked the wheelchair-bound elderly man when he would not give him money for drugs.

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Davel Chinn

Montgomery County

Davel V. "Tony" Chinn was sentenced to death on Sept. 1, 1989. Chinn and one other had abducted Brian K. Jones in his car from a parking lot in downtown Dayton on Jan. 30, 1989. After arriving in Jefferson Twp., Chinn shot Jones in the shoulder, causing an arterial bleed. 

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Timothy Coleman

Clark County

Coleman was sentenced to death on Jan 2. 1996 for the aggravated murder of Melinda Stevens. Coleman shot Stevens twice in the head to prevent her from testifying against him in a drug-related case, according to prosecutors. 

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Von Davis

Butler County

Davis was sentenced to death in a 1984 trial for the murder of Suzette Butler. According to the autopsy report, Butler had died of multiple gunshot wounds to the head.  At this time, Davis was on parole from a prior conviction of second degree murder.

For more information: State v. Davis  

Jason Dean

Clark County

Dean was found guilty of aggravated murder in the April 2005 shooting and robbery of Titus Arnold. Based off of a jury recommendation, Judge Douglas Rastatter sentenced Dean to death for the murder and 146 years in prison for other charges. 

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Antonio Franklin

Montgomery County

 Franklin was sentenced to death in 1998 for the murder of his uncle and grandparents. At 19, Franklin was the youngest Death Row inmate to be sentenced in Montgomery County at that time.

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Larry Gapen

Montgomery County

Gapen was placed on death row in 2001 for the murder of three. Gapen had used an ax to fatally beat his former wife, her companion and her 13-year-old daughter to death in September 2000.

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Donald Ketterer

Clark County

Ketterer pleaded guilty in a 2004 trial for the murder and robbery of 85-year-old Lawrence Sanders. A three-judge panel sentenced Ketterer to death with an additional 22 years for other charges.

For the full story:  Panel sentences murderer to death 

Juan Kinley

Butler County

Juan Kinley was sentenced to death in 1991 for the aggravated murder of his ex-girlfriend and her son. On Jan. 10, 1989, Thelma (31) and David (12) Miller were found on a garage floor where they had been butchered with a machete. 

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Jose Loza

Butler County

Loza was sentenced in 1991 for shooting and killing four members of his girlfriend’s family. The victims were shot in the head at close range while they slept in their home.

For more information: Loza v. Mitchell

Calvin McKelton

Butler County

McKelton was sentenced to death on Nov. 2, 2010 for the murder of a witness who saw him strangle his girlfriend and attorney Margaret “Missy” Allen. McKelton had shot and killed Germains Evans Sr. execution-style. 

For the full story: Death penalty upheld for man in Fairfield murder, killing of witness 

Samuel Moreland

Montgomery County

In 1985, Samuel Moreland executed two adults and three children who were between the ages of 6 and 7. Per an 11-year-old’s testimony, Moreland had shot his grandmother as she threw a bottle at Moreland. 

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Austin Myers

Warren County

Austin Myers, 19, was sentenced on Oct. 6, 2014 for the aggravated murder of a former friend, Justin Black. Myers, with an accomplice, had planned to break in to the victim’s home to steal money and make Black’s disappearance look like a run-away.

For the full story: Jury in Myers trial recommends death for murder of Justin Black 

David Myers

Greene County

David Myers was placed on death row on March 1, 1996 for the murder of Amanda Jo Maher. In 1988, Myers strangled Maher, mother of one and pregnant, then drove a railroad spike through her head near some abandoned railroad tracks in Xenia.

For the full story: Myers gets death sentence 

Gregory Osie

Butler County

Gregory Osie was sentenced by a three-judge panel in April 2010 for the murder of David Williams. Osie murdered Williams to cover up an alleged theft by his then girlfriend, who worked for Williams.

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Kerry Perez

Clark County

Perez, of Springfield, was sentenced to death row for the aggravated murder of Ronald Johnson. Perez shot and killed Johnson during a March 2003 bar robbery.

For the full story: Death sentence for Springfield Killer stands 

William Sapp

Clark County

William Sapp was indicted on nine counts of aggravated murder and 18 other charges for murder of two young girls and one woman.

For the full story: Man indicted in 3 deaths 

Duane Short

Montgomery County

Duane Short was placed on death row for the double murder of his estranged wife and her friend in 2004.

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Kenneth Smith

Butler County

Kenneth Smith was sentenced to death in 1995 for the murders of Lewis and Ruth Ray. Smith and his brother, Randy Smith, broke into the Rays' home in May 1995 and slayed the couple.

For the full story: Parole board denies clemency for Hamilton Killer 

Clifford Williams

Butler County

On Jan. 7, 1991, Clifford Williams was found guilty of aggravated murder and aggravated robbery of Wayman Hamilton, a cab driver. Williams shot and robbed Hamilton after using his cab service to arrive in Hamilton, Ohio.

For more information: State v. Williams

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