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Vigil planned for Dayton woman, 75, who was killed near bus stop

By Kelli Wynn - Staff Writer

As Dayton Police continue to search for a suspect in the shooting death of a 75-year-old woman whose body was found near an RTA bus stop in Dayton, the Montgomery County Coroner’s office waits for someone to claim her body.

“What we are missing is notifying a next of kin to handle her final disposition,” said Ken Betz, executive director of the coroner’s office, of the victim Take Gangloff. “If we are unable to find a next of kin and no one assumes responsibility for the burial, Ms. Gangloff will be considered unclaimed.” He added that the coroner’s office would then take care of the final disposition, which could include cremation.

Police were called to the corner of Norwood Avenue and Mound Street shortly before 6 a.m. Sept. 13 after a Greater Dayton RTA bus driver discovered Gangloff’s body. She had been shot in the head and still had her purse with cash in it on her, police said.

There appear to be no witnesses.

Sgt. Richard Blommel said all the city’s homicide cases are important, but Gangloff’s death “is near and dear to us because she never bothered anybody. She was just out for a walk and there doesn’t appear that there’s any motive at this time.”

The fact that Gangloff doesn’t appear to have any family concerns the Sisters of Precious Blood, according to Sister Jeanette Buehler. The Sisters have planned a vigil for her.

The public is invited to attend the vigil, which will begin at noon Saturday at the corner of Mound Street and Norwood Avenue.

“We see ourselves as just witnessing to the sacredness of life no matter whose life it is. It’s not for us to judge and we hate to see people just go out of this world without any real recognition of having even lived,” Buehler said.

This is one of the reasons why the Sisters want to hold a vigil for Gangloff and help with possibly finding someone who can give her a proper burial.

“The reason that (her death) has challenged so many of us is because of her age and the senselessness of no real reason (for her death) can seem to be found and now we know that she doesn’t have any family here that they can find. That concerns us also,” Buehler said. “And again, her life was also sacred.”

For more information about the vigil, call the Sisters of Precious Blood at 937-278-0871. To contact the coroner’s office, call 937-225-4156.

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