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Views on May 7 tax issues and more


By our readers

Thanks to the decisions made by Gov. John Kasich and state legislators to balance the state budget by cutting support to schools and local governments, voters in Centerville and Washington Twp. are being asked on May 7 to approve three property tax issues: Issues 10, 11 and 12.

Issue 10 is a 4.65-mill replacement levy for fire and EMS which would replace an expiring 3-mill levy. If passed, this levy would result in an increase of $83.88 for the owner of the “average” $166,000 property. This “average” owner would pay $236.39 yearly, compared to the $152.51 he now pays for fire and EMS, or 55 percent more every year. In addition to this increased tax revenue, the fire and EMS services will continue to see increased revenue from billing insurance companies for EMS services, which accounted for 83.7 percent of their calls in 2012.

Issue 11 is a 0.7-mill replacement levy for recreation. This levy currently costs the owner of the “average” $166,000 property $35.59 per year and this would not change if this levy passes. This money provides a 43 percent taxpayer subsidy to fees paid by users for the operating expenses of the Washington Twp. Recreation Center and Town Hall Theatre.

Issue 12 is a 6.9-mill additional operating levy for Centerville City Schools. If passed, this levy would add an additional $350.78 to the current $2,241.24 that the “average” property owner pays to the school system yearly. This would be a 15.65 percent increase.

Overall, if all three levies pass on May 7, property owners in Centerville and Washington Twp. would see an increase of approximately 10.9 percent on their property tax bills going forward.

Unfortunately, Centerville property owners have five other taxing entities (city, parks, library, county and Sinclair Community College) and township property owners have six other taxing entities (parks, library, county, Sinclair, township roads and township police), which have seen similar losses in state support and could be seeking to offset these losses through property tax levy increases in the near future.

Although there are only three issues on the May ballot and no candidates, this is a very important election for the Centerville and Washington Twp. community. As a local elected official, I urge all registered voters to become informed about these issues and to vote on May 7 to help determine how your valuable property tax dollars are spent in the future. PAUL M. GRESHAM, CENTERVILLE. MR. GRESHAM IS A CENTERVILLE CITY COUNCIL MEMBER.

2001 funding can’t keep pace with growth

On May 7, an issue of great importance to the continued safety of our community will be decided upon by voters. The Clearcreek Fire District is seeking a 4.5-mill operating levy. The levy will support the continued operation of our fire department. To keep the millage as low as possible, no additional or expanded services (such as new fire stations or positions) are proposed. I strongly encourage you to vote “yes” on Issue 3.

As a lifelong resident, small business owner and longtime township trustee, I recognize the importance of having an adequately staffed and properly equipped fire/EMS department to protect lives and property. The district is currently operating on funding from a 2001 tax levy. In 2001, the department served a population of 21,017 and responded to 1,584 emergencies. Today, the department serves a population of 30,265. During 2012, crews responded to 2,735 emergencies, up 73 percent from 2001.

Our fire department cannot provide adequate service to a steadily growing population experiencing an increasing number of emergencies with the same funding level used in 2001.

I urge you to invest in your safety, your family’s safety and your community’s safety. ED WADE, SPRINGBORO. MR. WADE IS A CLEARCREEK TWP. TRUSTEE.

Speak Up

That “Amazing Grace” story by Tom Archdeacon in the April 21 edition of the Dayton Daily News was worth the price of a whole week of papers. Very inspiring.

Congratulations to Tom Archdeacon for his well-deserved award. He is an exceptional writer. His stories are always fascinating and informative, whether about a tragedy of the two lives lost in the Lebanon Raceway fire or his recent story about the young runner from Xenia Christian. I look forward to his continuing great work. The DDN is lucky to have him.

Re “Fired cop gets disabled pension,” April 23: The only good thing about former Miami Twp. Deputy Police Chief John DiPietro being granted a medical disability is that he will never be able to work as a sworn police officer again.

Re “Rumpke says it clearly would like more glass,” April 21: To recycle “basically any glass container or bottle that you would put in the refrigerator,” you have to be able to buy glass containers to put in the refrigerator. I would love to buy my condiments in glass containers, instead of the plastic that you have trouble getting the last bit out of.

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