Springboro drug distributor benefited from weakened drug enforcement

Readers react to protests, abuse case


When will anthem protests end?

Where is the absurdity going to end? “The Star Spangled Banner” as a national symbol represents a country of opportunity — the kind of opportunity that has moved us by huge strides from slavery to equality, from farmlands to the moon, and from ignorance to understanding. The protesters don’t care about progress and have no appreciation of our history. And while free speech is a precious right, deliberate misunderstanding of our history and unreasonable demands for utopia cannot go unrebuked.

Beyond that, however, is the absurdity of the action in the light of history. Are we celebrating all that’s bad rather than the progress made by countless sacrifices? Should we urge the French to diss “La Marseillaise” because it rose from so many beheadings? Are British imperfections celebrated in “God Save the Queen” (or King) or “Britannia Rules the Waves”? Is no national anthem suitable for Germany in light of the Nazi past? WILLIAM H. WILD, OAKWOOD

Sheriff should answer for abuse case

Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer has been sitting in elected office a very long time — backing his officers, right or wrong, in many cases. Has he forgotten we private citizens are the ones who put him there? Now because of reckless behavior of refusing to do what’s right, we the citizens, will have to foot the enormous bill from the torture of Amber Swink strapped in seven restraints and unable to move while being pepper sprayed in the face by his officer, and her reward was to be promoted to captain by Sheriff Plummer.

However, now that the actual torture has been videotaped he has proved to be ineffective, leaving us to pay the bill for the rightful lawsuit. He needs to resign, period. BRAD PHILLIPS, CENTERVILLE

Don’t buy a pet — adopt one

Every week in the newspaper, there are adorable pets for adoption from the local Humane Society. Then a few pages later in the Classified section, there’s an average of 60 plus puppies for sale, from $350 to $3,000 each. Seriously people, where is your common sense? You can get a wonderful pet for $170, shots and all, at the Humane Society.

These “special” breeds with fancy made up names are no better than these homeless pets. In my day, these fancy named dogs were called “mutts” when they got mixed and not worth anything.

Our local government should charge these puppy-mill breeders an extra tax for allowing ore dogs to be made than needed.

Please save a life; support your local shelter and spay and neuter your pets. DONITA ELDER, SPRINGFIELD


Why do local news outlets continue to publicize the national anthem protests? This is not newsworthy and is an insult to our country.

It’s a shame that the once-respectable GOP has taken on a new identity: Grab Others’ Privates.

Please vote against the Greene Memorial Hospital Levy (Issue 22). What the shiny flier doesn’t say is that the former county hospital was bought a few years ago by Kettering Health Network, and it seems inappropriate to use tax money to support a private hospital. It’s at least misleading; I suppose they get away with it because it’s a renewal of a levy when it was a county hospital. But these renewals should stop.

Republican supporters seem to forget that eight years ago they were in control of everything and how bad things were with two unfinished wars, financial collapse and a recession.

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