What is the future of NATO?
Charles Dharapak

What is the future of NATO?

Editor’s note: Leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization gathered for a summit in Wales on Sept. 4-5 to examine the state of the 65-year-old organization.

With the growing threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, along with the recent brutal beheadings of American journalists Steven Sotloff and James Foley; the crisis in Ukraine, and the ongoing challenges of providing security in Afghanistan, we thought this was a good time to ask a group of local experts about their take on the future of NATO. — Connie Post

Jaro Bilocerkowycz, University of Dayton

NATO and Europe

NATO is arguably the most successful military/political alliance in history.


Selfies gone wild — and sometimes deadly

Has the selfie gone too far?

Earlier this year, Ellen DeGeneres took the smartphone craze to a new level when she snapped then tweeted a self-photo at the Academy Awards with Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep and other Hollywood stars.

President Barack Obama made news for taking a selfie with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service.




What is and is not child abuse

My mother was a child abuser. I was, too. In fact, growing up, pretty much every parent I knew abused their kids.

Or so many of Adrian Peterson’s critics would have you believe. Peterson, a star of the Minnesota Vikings, was arrested recently for child abuse after hitting his 4-year-old son with a switch. A “switch,” for those who don’t know, is a long twig.


Obama’s prickly narcissism

“Oh, it’s a shame when you have a wan, diffident, professorial president with no foreign policy other than ‘don’t do stupid things.’” So griped President Obama to a select (and loose-lipped) group of dinner guests the other night. The president is annoyed that critics cannot see the wisdom in his prudence. “I do not make apologies for being careful in these areas, even if it doesn’t make for good theater.


Bomb threat goes straight to the heart

The recent bomb threats at Kettering City Schools have made me think I just might be too soft for this parenting gig.

Yes, it turns out it was just a kid with a crayon writing a hoax on the wall, but when I got the phone call from an after-school care provider telling me my 6-year old daughter had been evacuated to the church across the street due to a bomb threat, my brain raced to the worst possible scenario and I couldn’t help but revert to panic mode.


Thoughts on gun laws

Ohio needs open carry laws

Recently, your I-Team had an article on the state of Ohio’s gun laws (“Gun laws can even confuse the police,” Sept. 11).

I have a license permit to carry a concealed hand gun. To get the permit I went through 12 hours of training on gun safety laws, the rules of concealed carry in the state, and practiced on a firing range.


A post-literate diary

From ‘We Are a Camera’ by Nick Paumgarten in The New Yorker: “The short video synonymous with GoPro is a kind of post-literate diary, a stop on the way to a future in which everything will be filmed from every point of view. Humans have always recorded their experiences, in an array of media and for a variety of reasons. Not until very recently, with the advent of digital photography and video, and unlimited storage and distribution capacity, has it been conceivable to film everything.


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