Helping women, pushing civil rights with the YWCA
Thomas Gnau

Helping women, pushing civil rights with the YWCA

One of the most interesting non-profit jobs might belong to Shannon Isom, who took over as chief executive officer of the YWCA Dayton about a year and a half ago. We sat down with her recently for a long conversation about her job, the mission and the community she serves. To learn more, visit — Ron Rollins

Q: Talk about the YWCA and its mission.

A: We’ve been in Dayton since 1870, and on the corner of Third and Wilkinson downtown since 1913. At that time, it was a $580,000 building project accomplished for the most part with the same partners we have today — the city of Dayton and Montgomery County.


Liar’s Law questions

I have a panoramic view where I live, and over the weekend watched many hundreds of fireworks go off in nearby neighborhoods.

Last week Gov. John Kasich signed a measure that eliminated the so-called “Lair’s Law,” so starting next year, consumers will no longer have to sign a form promising to take their fireworks purchases out of state.

The signed promise not to set off fireworks in the state has not effectively deterred every man, woman and teenager in Ohio from setting off fireworks at home, and even though the form is being eliminated, it’s still illegal to set off fireworks in the state — the penalty is up to $1,000 and six months in jail.




Sanchez: High Court strikes blow against congressional gerrymandering

In case you missed it — and most Americans did — there was a third significant ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court at the end of June. It received the least media attention, but it may eventually affect more citizens directly than the decisions upholding Obamacare and greenlighting same-sex marriage.

The case in question weighed efforts in Arizona to reign in the gerrymandering of congressional districts.


Commentary: The Supreme Court’s bad call on Affordable Care Act

In King v. Burwell, the Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act permits individuals who purchase insurance on the federal exchange to receive taxpayer subsidies. Though the King decision pleases the ACA’s most ardent supporters, it undermines the rule of law, particularly the Constitution’s separation of powers.

Under Section 1401 of the ACA, tax credits are provided to individuals who purchase qualifying health insurance in an “exchange established by the State under Section 1311.


Only a fool would underestimate Kasich

Word seeped out last Sunday that Republican Gov. John R. Kasich will soon announce his bid for the presidency, demonstrating yet again that life is one coincidence after another.

Exactly 71 years ago before last Sunday, in 1944, the Republican National Convention, meeting in Chicago, nominated Ohio’s then-governor, John W. Bricker, for vice president.


The Constitution and same-sex marriage

Justices ‘ignorant of the Constitution’

Re “Same-sex marriage legal, ruling states,” June 26: I teach government in high school and the State of Ohio requires that students know and understand the Constitution. My question is, “Why?” Apparently, it is just like Ohio weather. Just wait; it will change. It doesn’t really say what it says. It won’t change the way required by the Constitution: amendments (the democratic and thoughtful method of change).


Extraterrestrial life questioned

From Aeon: “Since ancient times, humans have wondered whether there is intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos. The fact that we haven’t heard so much as a peep from ET suggests that intelligent aliens are not ubiquitous. The rest of the galaxy could be lifeless, or perhaps there’s primitive life of some kind, but some evolutionary hurdle — one of these many that we’ve been looking at, or perhaps something quite different — is staggeringly difficult to surmount.


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