What Trump said in Columbus

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke for nearly an hour to thousands of supporters at a rally in Columbus.

Here is a sampling of what he had to say:

On former president of Mexico Vicente Fox’s remark about Trump’s promise to build a border wall and bill Mexico:

“The reason he was angry wasn’t the wall that you bring up. The reason he was angry is that nobody ever speaks to these countries with authority. We’re like the whipping post, where everyone takes, takes, takes. Essentially, he said ‘How dare you speak to Mexico like this!’…They’ve got to get used to it because we’re going to reverse the tables.”

On Fox’s use of a curse word:

“He used a horrible word. Can you imagine if I would have used that word? Front page headlines. Nobody even talks about the word he used.”

On Latino voters:

“We’re going to win the Hispanic vote. We’re gonna do great because I’m gonna bring jobs back from China. I’m gonna bring jobs back from Japan.”

On U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio:

“I call him Little Marco. He said I have small hands. Actually, I’m 6’3”, not 6’2”, but he said I have small hands. They’re not small, are they? I never heard that one before. I’ve always had people say ‘Donald, you have the most beautiful hands.’”

“In Florida, I think I’m like 21 points up on a senator that never shows up. He hasn’t shown up to vote. He’s got the worst voting record in the United States Senate. I’ll tell you, honestly, he has defrauded the state of Florida because he got elected and he doesn’t vote, he doesn’t do anything.”

On U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz:

“I call him Lying Ted.” “Ted has passed nothing. Ted will filibuster but you got to do more than filibuster. You gotta get people to do something. You got to get bills passed.”

On protesters:

“Would anybody like to play protester today?”

“Goodbye, darling. Oh, it never ends. Never. Never ends. That’s alright.”

“Get them out of here. Get them out. Out, out, out, out! Is the Trump rally the most fun, seriously?”

On media:

“The media is the most dishonest. These are worse than politicians. They are the most, it’s true. (crowd boos press) They are the most dishonest people that you’ll deal with….They are such liars, they are disgusting people I tell you. Most of them. You have about 20 percent of them that are good. Ten percent, by the way, I have to say, 10 percent are actually great. Twenty percent are good. But for the most part, the worst.”

On CNN poll and Ohio Gov. John Kasich:

“Trump 49. Lightweight Sen. Marco Rubio, 16. Lying Ted Cruz, 15. Good guy, he is a good guy, Ben Carson, 10 percent. And did you ever hear of a guy named Kasich?...We really want to win Ohio. We’re going to win Ohio. And we’re up. The beauty of it is we’re up quite a bit against him. He is your sitting governor.”

On illegal immigration:

“Illegal immigration has turned out to be one of the really big factors in this campaign. You wouldn’t even be talking it, you wouldn’t be hearing about it, if I didn’t take all that heat and mention that in my first speech. And then it turned out that illegal immigration is a much bigger deal than people understood. The crime is incredible.”

On his candidacy and his supporters:

“We have the most loyal people in the world. These people are incredible. Every poll shows I can do practically anything, maybe even anything, and nobody is going to leave.”

On anger:

“Two debates ago, they said ‘Mr. Trump, are you angry?’ Now, I was supposed to say ‘Oh, no, I’m not angry. I’m thrilled with the way the country is being run. Isn’t it brilliant?’ We get nothing. We have bad trade deals, we have bad everything, bad prisoner swaps. How about our famous prisoner swap? Five for one. Right? Five for one. We get a dirty rotten traitor, they get five people that the want desperately. And remember this, five people, at least, were killed going after this guy…..Our economy stinks. China and everyone else is stealing our jobs.”

On self-funding his campaign:

“I owe nobody nothing, folks, nothing. N-u-t-t-i-n. Nothing, nothing, nothing.”

On trade and jobs:

“Folks, we’re losing our ass. We’re getting killed. We’re getting killed. We’re getting killed…We are losing millions of jobs. Millions, not thousands. Millions and millions of jobs. We’re going to stop. We’re going to bring our jobs back from China. We’re going to bring our jobs back from Japan, where they sell us cars by the millions.”

“Nobody knows this stuff better than me.”

“I will be the greatest jobs president God ever created.”

On guns and terrorist attacks:

“The 2nd Amendment is being chipped away and I tell you this, if there were guns in Paris or guns in California on the other side where bullets went in the other direction, you wouldn’t have had those people killed. It would have been very minor by comparison. We are going to save our 2nd Amendment. It’s being chipped away at. Chipped. Chipped. Chipped.”

On Christianity:

“Christianity is being chipped away at. Very rapidly chipped away at and we’re going to save it.”

On Ohio:

“I’ll be back. We have a two week period. But winning Ohio is so important. It’s going to send a signal like nothing else. Winning Ohio is so, so important. So, we have to get it.”

On Hillary Clinton:

“Let me just tell you. Hillary Clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to become president. I’m telling you. It’s true.”

“What she did was a criminal act. She shouldn’t be allowed to run.”

“She said Donald Trump is sexist. And did I hit her. And, believe me, I guarantee you her husband said ‘Don’t ever do that again.’ They had a rough weekend.”

“I haven’t even started on Hillary yet. Hillary cannot make America great. She was talking about something yesterday, making America whole. Whole. Nah, no, I don’t want whole. I want great again.”

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