How much do teachers make in area school districts?

Published: April 28, 2016

Salaries for most public school teachers in Ohio are based solely on their education level and years of experience. But the pay for those benchmarks varies widely from district to district, depending on the contract negotiated by the school board and union.

That means two teachers at the exact same point in their careers can make dramatically different amounts of money depending on where they work. And that affects districts’ ability to recruit and retain the best teachers.

The Dayton Daily News built the chart below from each district’s salary schedule, mainly found on the State Employment Relations Board’s website. Click on any column heading to sort the salaries by different points in a teacher’s career. And see the footnotes below, explaining what each of those headings mean.

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Teacher salary ranges at area school districts

Note: Click on column names to sort the table by that column





SOURCE: Each district’s teachers union contract, most from State Employment Relations Board website.