ATM skimming up 546%: 7 ways to protect yourself

  • Jerrod Boitse
  • Staff Writer
1:23 p.m Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Local

Is your money and bank information in danger of being stolen?

There are over 2.5 million ATMs around the world and there is a way for someone to access important personal information about you.

ATM skimming is the not so new way for someone to steal vital information regarding your card and PIN, which gives them full access to your account.

ATM card skimming is on the rise.

From 2014 to 2015, skimming incidents increased by 546 percent.

These numbers come from financial analytics company FICO and its FICO Card Alert Service software

Over $2 billion have been stolen annually through card skimming.

Even gas pumps can be vulnerable.

Last year, a wireless electronic device that was used to skim personal information from card holders was discovered at a gas pump on National Road in Vandalia.

How exactly does ATM skimming work?

According to, thieves will use hidden electronics that will be able to access the information within your card when you swipe at an ATM.

They may also place something of a hidden camera on or near the ATM so that they can record your PIN.

There are steps you could take to protect yourself from high-tech form of theft.

Here are seven tips to help you avoid ATM skimmers: