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Schools, newspapers, businesses receive emailed bomb threats

Burglars reportedly pose as power washers, steal valuables including signed trading cards from Beavercreek home

Tom Hamrock had a good day last Saturday until he got home and discovered burglars had broken into the house and taken many valuables.

Hamrock said the day started out normally. He played a round of golf, and at the 18th hole he was surprised with a greeting from friends and family who were gathered by the green. Hamrock’s daughter had organized a surprise birthday party. 

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After the celebration, the Hamrocks returned home on Shagbark Lane around 9 p.m.

“We see the door to the home is open, and we’re like, ‘What’s going on?’” Hamrock said.

The home had been thoroughly rummaged by one or more thieves, he said. Hamrock said there were several large, heavy boxes by the door, which the thieves might have thought were too risky to bring out to their vehicle.

The thieves rifled through his desk and took several credit cards, a checkbook, a new camera and various files. The thieves also grabbed Hamrock’s wife Janet’s purse.

Professional sports trading cards, one signed by legendary football player Jim Brown and another by basketball superstar LeBron James, were stolen. Baseballs signed by baseball Major Leaguers Tito Francona and Goose Gossage were gone, too.

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Hamrock said the neighbors saw a vehicle pull up to their house shortly after his wife and their son left for the party.

“A male and female get out of the car. They go to power wash my front sidewalk … right in front of the door. That was the cover,” Hamrock said. “It was a broad daylight break-in.”

Hamrock said the thieves tried to use his stolen credit cards, but the fraud department quickly flagged the transactions, two of which were made at a pizza restaurant in Vandalia.

The Hamrocks said they don’t feel safe at their home since the incident.

“They’ve truly violated our home. I’d love to see them prosecuted and found,” he said. “I thought we lived in a really secure neighborhood. We will be putting cameras up very soon.”

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A detective has been assigned to the case, according to Beavercreek Capt. Chad Lindsey. Police have not received any other similar reports of burglaries in which the thieves pose as sidewalk washers, he said.

If you can help in the investigation, contact Beavercreek police at (937) 426-1225.

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