Bonds set at $500,000 in human trafficking, sex crime case

Nov 30, 2017
James Rowles

Two men indicted on human and sex trafficking charges had their bonds set at $500,000 during their arraignments Thursday morning.

James “Damean” Rowles, 44, and Pascal “D.” Williams, 46, have been accused of holding four women against their wills from June to September 2015 and forcing them to engage in sex acts.

The men are also accused of forcing the women into prostitution in exchange for drugs or money, according to court documents filed by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

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Rowles — serving a 9-month sentence in Pickaway Correctional Institution for felony drug possession — is in custody. Williams failed to appear and a nationwide warrant for his arrest remains in order.

Both men would be on electronic monitoring if they made bond. Rowles’ status conference is scheduled for Dec. 5 and a scheduling conference is set for Dec. 13, according to court officials.

Williams’ felony charges include five counts of rape; four counts trafficking in persons; three counts kidnapping; two counts felonious assault; and single counts of compelling prostitution and promoting prostitution, according to a media release from the prosecutor’s office. Williams also faces four firearm specifications and five human trafficking specifications.

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Rowles’ felony charges include a count of kidnapping and four counts each of trafficking in persons, compelling prostitution and promoting prostitution, according to the prosecutor’s office. Rowles also faces a firearm specification and eight human trafficking specifications.

Dayton police records show a Feb. 5, 2015 promoting prostitution incident involving Williams and a woman at a residence on Steele Avenue. No narrative was included with the report.

Dayton police records show Rowles had at least 10 law enforcement interactions from 2015-2017, including one incident in which Rowles said he was stabbed by a woman.

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