Kettering police-involved fatal shooting: 5 questions we’re asking

Aug 29, 2017

Kettering police say a pipe bomb was found today during a search of the Dayton apartment on South McGee Street rented by Jason Hoops, the man that was shot and killed Sunday during a traffic stop near Craig Drive and East Bataan Drive.

Hoops, 33, was shot and killed after Kettering police officer Jonathon McCoy called for a “Signal 99” for more officers to respond. Hoops had a Fairborn address on his driver’s license but was living in Dayton, Kettering police said.

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Kettering police Chief Chip Protsman asked for patience from residents and did not answer specific questions about the incident during a Monday press conference.

This news organization is waiting for requests for open records related to McCoy and the shooting. Among the outstanding questions are:

1. What part does the pipe bomb found in Hoops’ apartment play in the investigation into the traffic stop?

2. What traffic infraction was the reason for Hoops’ stop and was law enforcement tracking him?

3. What happened and how did the incident escalate from a traffic stop to a fatal shooting inside of five minutes?

4. How many times did McCoy fire and why did the officer state in call for assistance that Hoops still had a gun in his pocket after the shooting?

5. When will cruiser cam footage of the incident, McCoy’s personnel records and any 911 calls related to the incident be made public?

“We are investigating that right now,” Protsman said Monday. “We are going to go over everything very thoroughly. And again, I’m not going to make any judgments or make any statements until the investigation is complete.”

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