INVESTIGATION: Taxation worker accessed ex-boyfriend’s filings

Feb 22, 2017
Tax forms.

An Ohio Department of Taxation employee accessed confidential tax records on friends and relatives, changing one to prevent him or her from having to take an identity quiz, according to an investigation released today by the Ohio Inspector General.

Kelly Bolen, who had worked for the department for 28 years, accessed tax records on people she knew — including an ex-boyfriend “from a long time ago — dozens of times in recent years and said she didn’t know it was a violation of agency policy.

OIG agents showed her where she signed off on the policy, according to an transcript in the report:

OIG: “Is this one of those where you see the policy, scroll all the way down real quick and hit sign off on?”

Bolen: “Unfortunately.”

OIG: “So you do understand that when you do that you’re acknowledging that you understand the policy?”

Bolen: “No, I didn’t underst… I mean I guess you’re… yeah.”

Bolen was fired Nov. 3. The OIG report was forwarded to the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office and Columbus City Attorney to consider charges.

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