Lawsuit: Man hospitalized after Butler County Jail failed to provide diabetes meds

Updated Feb 17, 2017
The Butler County Jail on Hanover Street in Hamilton.

Editor’s note: An I-Team investigation found more than a dozen lawsuits against area jails claiming inmates were beaten, raped, medically neglected or killed in jail. In addition to possibly costing taxpayers dearly, advocates for inmates say these cases suggest a failure of the system to protect vulnerable people in public custody. Read our full investigation here.


A Fairfield Twp. man is suing the Butler County Sheriff’s Office alleging he suffered hallucinations and went into intensive care after corrections officers failed to provide his diabetes medication while he was at the county jail.

Arthur Freimuth was arrested March 24, 2015 on domestic violence charges. His lawsuit alleges he and his wife told jail staff that he desperately needed diabetes medication, which they failed to provide.

Arthur Freimuth

The suit says his glucose level rose from 171 to 430 by the next day and he began experiencing hallucinations and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Mercy Fairfield suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis, the suit alleges. He was treated and released on April 3.

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“Missing doses of insulin can cause diabetic ketoacidosis in people with diabetes, a condition that can be fatal if not promptly addressed,” according to his lawsuit filed in August 2016 in federal court.

Attorneys for Butler County filed a response in December denying the allegations. The case is not yet set for trial.

“Mr. Freimuth was evaluated by jail medical personnel four times in less than 24 hours. When Mr. Freimuth developed a diabetes complication, he was immediately and appropriately sent to the hospital where he recovered,” says a statement from Andrew N. Yosowitz, who is representing the county in the case. “We do not believe Mr. Freimuth is entitled to taxpayer money.”

Freimuth’s attorney did not return calls for comment.

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