Double fatal car-into-house crash was second recent tragedy for family

6:40 p.m Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017 Local
A mother and her seven-year-old son died Wednesday night after a car rammed into their house on Lilac Avenue in Dayton. CHRIS STEWART / STAFF

A Dayton mom killed Wednesday night along with her 7-year-old son after a car fleeing police crashed into their home had been burned out of another house just six months earlier, a relative said.

Maria Davis, 39, and her son Jerome were at home with a third unidentified person when a Nissan Maxima tore through the southeast corner of their house in the 800 block of Lilac Avenue.

She was forced out of another home by a fire and moved to Lilac Avenue with her two sons, said Davis’ second cousin Delores Woodall.

“They lost everything in that,” Woodall said. “And now this happens.”

Shortly before 11 p.m., a 911 caller implored a dispatcher to send aid after another child came to her house for help.

“The car went inside the house,” the caller said. “He said he thinks his mom is hurt. We need an ambulance right now.”

“Baby calm down, just calm down,” the woman told the child while talking to a dispatcher.

911 CALL: Mother, son killed when car crashes into home

Woodall said family members are caring for Davis’ older son.

Police said the driver panicked at the sight of a police patrol, took off at high speed westbound on Kammer Avenue, blasted through the T-intersection at Lilac Avenue and into the one-story house.

“The third victim somehow walked out of this unharmed — physically unharmed,” said Dayton Police Lt. Steven Bauer, who cautioned the survivor may suffer later emotionally.

Bauer said the car sped off before officers could initiate a pursuit.

Maria Davis was pronounced dead in the house while her son was transported to Dayton Children’s Hospital where he later died, Bauer said.

A man at the scene with the car, Kesean W. Parks, 24, was taken into custody for concealed weapons and drug possession charges. However, it was unclear to investigators Wednesday night if Parks was the driver or an occupant of the car.

Due to the deaths and the possibility that Parks may not have been the driver, Bauer said all three detective units — crash reconstruction, professional standards and violent offenders — are investigating the case.

Police are looking for a second suspect believed to have been in the car that was reported stolen after the crash, a Dayton Police spokeswoman confirmed Thursday afternoon.

Parks is being held in the Montgomery County Jail and is due in court Friday afternoon.

Briana Washington, 24, who lives two doors from the crash site, said it’s common to see cars idling on the street at all hours for no apparent reason.

Then Wednesday night she pulled into the neighborhood to see police cars everywhere with more arriving.

It could have been her house and her sons, she said.

“I thought, this is crazy. I’ve been ready to move,” Washington said. “It’s very sad … Christmas is coming, that family didn’t deserve that.”

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Family friend Michael Gearheart said Maria Davis was always welcoming.

“She always kept an open door for us. No matter where we came from or what we’d been through she always loved us,”  he said.

“She always had a smile on her face. She always was loving.”

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