What issues do you want Trump to tackle in his speech?

Dealing with health care, jobs, crime and immigration top concerns for local residents


Health care and jobs seem to be top topics

Donald Trump has been president for more than a month now and is giving his first speech to Congress tonight. We asked local people this question: What issue is most important to you and what do you want President Trump to deal with in his first 100 days?

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Here’s a look at what local folks had to say.

Nancy Muzzy, 71, Centerville

“I’d like to see him follow through on his idea of reducing the tax coming in, the 15 percent, so that we could repatriate more of the funds that are parked overseas. I think that would bring money into our treasury. I’d like to see him follow through with his idea to secure the borders. I’d like to see him be hard on these cities that say they are sanctuary cities and beyond the control of the federal government.”

Stacie Raynor, Springfield

“In the first 100 days I’d really like him to work on this war on law enforcement that we seem to have going, the divide between the communities and the structure of the law enforcement.”

Emma Stauffer, 78, Kettering

“I want him to hold fast to the promises he made during the campaign, like repealing the ObamaCare and trying to secure more jobs for America, and to be reasonable, to be sensible, to use wisdom. And don’t let anybody drive him down. Don’t come down to their level. Use wisdom. Just follow through on all the promises he’s made. Be firm but be kind. And be a president the whole world can look up to.”

Bob Miner, West Chester Twp.

“Hopefully he’ll carry out his promises and we’ll see a lot of movement. We’ll see movement hopefully in immigration control and more jobs will be created.”

Ed Geraghty, 87, Kettering

“Quit tweeting. I think Obamacare has done a job. You can’t eliminate it until you have something to replace it with. I think that would be the most important thing for me.”

Natalie Theis, 17, Oakwood

“There’s all this talk about him and the other Republicans about cutting out parts of environmental bills and that kind of stuff. There’s the endangered species act that they’re talking about cutting up. That’s just such a huge mistake.”

Brandon Wiley, 20, Kettering

“When the election was going on between him and Hillary I feel like Hillary fans and Trump fans kind of hated each other, secretly.…I would just kind of say, ‘stop the negativity.’”

Sam Hissam, 67, Huber Heights

“Make sure everybody has health insurance, take care of us old people….We need jobs. People need to work. And if he could do something about these poor kids that don’t have the right upbringing, the parents who don’t seem to care about what they are doing.”

Andre Bibbs, Springfield.

“Fix Obamacare. It needs something to be done with it. I pay a lot.”

Barry Riddell, West Chester Twp.

“Immigration. I think the wages have been depressed for decades because of immigration levels. That will probably my hope one of the things he’d immediately do. I’d like to see the health care issue repealed and replaced. The Obamacare thing has drove up health care costs and drove people out of the health care system.”

Andrew Stonerock, 30, of Dayton

“Medicaid, mostly. We’re a single income family. (My daughter’s) on it. My girlfriend’s on it. He’s talking about taking that away. That’s not going to fly. And (I’m concerned about) race-baiting by his supporters. All of them aren’t like that I know that. It’s the hardcore ones.”

Robert Jones, 37, Dayton

“I would like him to focus on health care issues in the country right now. I think repealing Obamacare is a bad decision. I think that, if anything, work on replacing it before you repeal it. If you you have a good plan in mind that’s fine, but have something in place before you repeal what’s currently available. Twenty million people can’t lose health insurance and you think that’s a good idea.”

Fred Lounsberry, 78, Huber Heights

“Keep up the good work. I like that he’s going to repeal ObamaCare, which is out of control. Military, we need a strong military, and he says he’s going to rebuild it. Just his general overall attitude about the way our country has fell. He’s going to take it back up. Make America great again.”

Art Friedrich, Fairfield

“One of the biggest things in my mind is immigration. I would like to see the boarders tightened up, and I would welcome immigrants wholeheartedly and I would even house them. But they have to come legitimately. That’s one of my big steps. The other one is helping small businesses in helping reducing taxes.”

Steve Corcoran, 64, Huber Heights

“Health care is number one. Completely repeal and replace.”

Shane Denlinger, 28, Trotwood

“I hope that he sticks to his guns on a lot of the things that he’s been saying and be the man he claims to be.”

Esther Dawson, West Chester Twp.

“I would hope that Trump and his administration would in fact consciously and contentiously work on behalf of the American people – all the American people – just as he has stated, to make a conscious, concerted effort to do that.”

“I’d like to see that the Affordable Care Act is not drastically disturbed but that it meets the needs of every American just as it set out to do. If there are improvements to be made, it’s fine to make those improvements but make certain that it benefits everyone and not just a few.”

Mandy McClin, 17, Huber Heights

“The world to be a better place. People stepping up and making a good life.”

Jana Stanhope, Springfield

“I would like to see him help our community with the youth and the violence.”

Glenn Parks, Springfield

“There’s so many areas I don’t know where to tell him to start. I just have prayers for him and wishing him all the success.”

William Hall, West Chester Twp.

“I want to see somebody that represents the people and not the Washington elite. They live in a world of their own up there, independent of what the average citizen wants. I’m hoping for change, to put it in one word.”

“Certainly the repeal and improvement of Obamacare, and naturally I’m attracted to any change in the tax structure. Something has to be done with ISIS and the Russian situation. I’m anxious to see whether his hands out strategy with the Russians is real or is something that’s not attainable.”

Loverna Reed, 39, Dayton

“Don’t cut off the health care…Thanks to be getting the health care through Obama I was able to get (my cataracts and hernia) fixed. Now I feel like the million dollar man.”


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