With Ohio executions in the news, a look at the human toll of the state’s convicted killers

Nov 15, 2017
Lawyers for condemned Franklin County killer Alva Campbell Jr. had argued he was too sick to be executed.

Ohio on Wednesday was scheduled to carry out its latest execution, of Alva Campbell Jr., 69, who shot a teenager after stealing his car during an escape from custody.

The execution was called off after medical personnel were unable to locate a vein to absorb the three-drug cocktail used as part of the lethal injection process.

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Campbell was scheduled to be the 56th person put to death in Ohio since the state enacted its current death penalty law in 1981 and the third execution this year.

Here’s a look at the human toll of those executed between 1981 and March 2017:

53: Number of Ohio inmates executed.

85: Number of victims killed by those inmates.

43: Number of female victims.

19: Number of victims who were children.

45.73: Average age of inmates put to death.

19: Number of African-American inmates executed during that span.

25: Number of victims who were African-American.

34: Number of executed inmates who were Caucasian.

56: Number of victims who were Caucasian.

53: Number of Males.

0: Number of Females.

16.63: Average number of years on death row prior to execution.