TODAY’S MODERATOR: Keeping Jane Austen alive

So, I’m not the only reader who likes Jane Austen. This enthusiastic email arrived in response to our item about the 200th anniversary of the British author’s death.

“I can tell you that the ideas and thoughts of Jane Austen are kept alive in the Dayton area. … The fact that what Jane Austen writes is timeless and universal is what is important,” writes Cheri Brinkman. “JASNA: The Jane Austen Society of North America has a chapter of ‘Janeites’ who have events, reading and discussion groups and a local author, Carrie Bebris, who writes Jane Austen mysteries.

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“Friends of Jane Austen at Glendower (in Lebanon): This is a one-day tribute to Jane Austen with readings, demonstrations of Regency life — lawn games, crafts etc. and tea. Also Jane Austen characters to meet and discuss books with and dramatic interpretations, etc. This has been held for two years in the spring. Now these events happen because Jane Austen is relevant and some people do know this.”

Well, now you all know, too. Off to your next reading of “Pride and Prejudice”! Drop me a line at

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