CVS Pharmacy hit by vehicle in Kettering

TODAY’S MODERATOR: Too late to cut gases?

The response we got to a recent column citing physicist Stephen Hawking’s idea that humans better flee earth in 100 years or perish was, as you’d imagine, pretty interesting.

This from Dave Miller: “On the subject of ‘cutting greenhouse gas emissions to avert catastrophic climate change,’ how about we stop using all the drive-thru lanes at merchants. Absurd? Probably. While I was stationed in Germany many years ago, I was told it was unlawful to allow a vehicle to stand running for more than a certain amount of time. Europeans are already aghast at the plethora of business outlets in our communities (compared with their village centrist, one of each category of merchant, model), no less at our withdrawal from the Paris accord.

COMMENTARY: Health-care bill is a giant wealth transfer to the rich

“I am a believer that many things in our world are cyclic; differences amongst those things is the periodicity length. Wide ties and narrow ties go about 10-15 years. Global warming and cooling may be hundreds to thousands of years.”

They may, indeed. We’ll share more mail on this soon. Send yours to

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