The new Montgomery County Fairgrounds site is totally transforming: Video

Dec 07, 2017

Construction work on the new Montgomery County Fairgrounds is deep in the dirt. As viewed from the Dayton Daily News Sky7 drone, most of the 65-acre site carved from a section of Arthur O. Fisher Park has been excavated in some fashion. 

Some structural work has begun, and the framework of one building has been erected on the west side of the fairgrounds. Dozens of construction vehicles are spread across the site grading and installing drainage for the land. 

Arthur O. Fisher Park remains open around the lake, picnic shelters and walking path.


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Here’s how the park looked when it was announced the fairgrounds would relocate there:

Judge Arthur O. Fisher Park will become the new home of Montgomery County Fairgrounds.

What do you think of the change? Here’s what others were saying: