VIDEO: Fight in jail caught on camera

Feb 20, 2017

Editor’s note: An I-Team investigation found more than a dozen lawsuits against area jails claiming inmates were beaten, raped, medically neglected or killed in jail. In addition to possibly costing taxpayers dearly, advocates for inmates say these cases suggest a failure of the system to protect vulnerable people in public custody. Read our full investigation here.


Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Officer Jerrid Campbell was suspended for 10 days after an internal investigation found he broke departmental policy when he punched inmate Daryl Wallace. Campbell said the inmate was upset about the lack of hot water, was yelling obscenities and being disruptive.

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Campbell admitted to violating the confrontation policy of jail employees but fought the charge of excessive use of force and using his handcuffs to strike Wallace.

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“We’ve charged people for … we attempted to charge a current corrections officer for what we claimed to be a beating and charges weren’t taken,” Sheriff Phil Plummer said in a press release following the commissioners’ request for an expanded federal investigation. “And that’s caused me internal problems also, but we try to do the right things. My people know if they break the law, they’re going to be held accountable.”

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Campbell filled out a employee complaint form alleging that other corrections officers — some now facing lawsuits and a federal probe — weren’t treated as harshly as he was.

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