12 new foods available at Cincinnati Reds games this season

The culinary team at Great American Ball Park has released their new concessions for the 2018 baseball season. As you might expect given sports stadium trends around the country, the new items tend to be standard ballpark fare with a slight ethnic twist. 

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1. The Goetta Burger

This patty comprised of German ground meat and oats makes it a uniquely Cincinnati ballpark item. It comes topped with Swiss cheese and is served on a Servatii’s pretzel bun. 

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2. Goetta Fry Box

Cincinnatians know that goetta is used to make and flavor all kinds of dishes. In this case, it’s a box filled with fries or tots (your choice) and topped with goetta gravy, bacon, shredded cheddar cheese, and green onions. 

3. Queen City Wicked Sausages

Another spicy product of Cincinnati’s German heritage. Once you choose between a chipotle, ghost pepper, or jalapeno sausage, it comes topped with peppers and onions. 

4. Queen City Fried Garlic Bologna

This fried bologna sandwich is served on a three-meal bun and topped with spicy mustard. 

5. B.L.T. Dog

This variation on an American classic adds a juicy hot dog and Sriracha mayo. 

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6. Street Tacos

GABP joins the rest of the restaurant industry in changing up this favorite dish. Choose between chicken and pork as your basic filling, and it’ll come topped with onion, cilantro, and queso, with a lime on the side. 

7. Smokehouse Bowl

Imagine a large, bowl-shaped tortilla shell packed with pulled pork, coleslaw, and mac and cheese, topped with Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce. 

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8. Smoked Bone-In Chop 

A 14-ounce porterhouse pork chop with coleslaw on the side. 

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9. The Triple Play

The trio in this baseball-themed dish is a smoked turkey wing, a pork wing, and a whole chicken wing. 

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10. Candy Cloud Waffle Cone

For dessert, try this waffle cone swathed in blue or pink cotton candy and filled with soft-serve ice cream and sprinkles. 

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In addition to the above in-house creations, GABP is also adding Frisch’s hot fudge cakes and ice cream treats from Graeter’s.

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