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TODAY’S MODERATOR: GM going all electric

3:40 PM Tuesday, Oct. 03, 2017

This was either an “about time,” or a “didn’t see that coming.” On Monday, General Motors announced an all-electric future. Says Wired, “After more than a century peddling vehicles that pollute … GM is ending its relationship with gasoline and diesel. The American automotive giant announced that...
Thoughts on 9/11

4:00 AM Tuesday, Sep. 12, 2017

Reader Brian Jarvis, a city council member from Beavercreek, shared his thoughts about 9/11. ” It is important for us to gather on this day each year, as individuals as well as a society, to reflect on those tragic events. We need to remember those whose lives were taken on that day as well as those who willingly gave their lives for...
3 things Garrison Keillor liked about Dayton during his visit this week
 Any time Garrison Keillor comes to town, he makes it very plain that he spent the earlier part of the day before his show wandering about town, checking out cool things to do. Thursday night’s concert at the Fraze Pavilion was no exception, as the popular humorist, singer, writer, radio host and creator of NPR’s “A Prairie...

5:50 PM Thursday, Sep. 07, 2017

Any time Garrison Keillor comes to town, he makes it very plain that he spent the earlier part of the day before his show wandering about town, checking out cool things to do. Thursday night’s concert at the Fraze Pavilion was no exception, as the popular humorist, singer, writer, radio host and creator of NPR’s “A Prairie...
OPINION: The statues debate continues

4:35 PM Tuesday, Sep. 05, 2017

Seems the debate about the propriety, and the future, of Confederate monuments isn’t going to fade soon. This came in from reader Tom Billing. “I find Frank Abernathy’s comment appalling. He does not take into account that the war was fought over slavery. No one ever mentions that when a country is defeated in war, their...
Keeping an eye on AI

4:00 AM Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017

Are you worried about the coming of artificial intelligence? Inventor and futuristic entrepreneur Elon Musk is, and he isn’t being quiet about it. According to The Guardian, “Elon Musk has warned again about the dangers of artificial intelligence, saying that it poses ‘vastly more risk’ than the apparent nuclear capabilities...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Yup, get ready for flying cars

4:00 AM Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017

We’ve been talking a lot lately about distracted driving and self-driving cars — but are we ready yet for flying cars? It will come as no surprise to anybody who remembers the old “Back to the Future” movies that none other than DeLorean Aerospace is working on one. Wired magazine writes about the design being pushed...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: A new kind of 911

4:00 AM Sunday, Jul. 23, 2017

The abuse of 911 services has been much-covered, especially so-called “frequent flyers” who more or less use the calls as their primary health care. In many cities, costs are out of hand. According to The Atlantic, Memphis is trying a new approach. “Since April, the city has been engaged in an experiment to take some pressure...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Keeping Jane Austen alive

8:05 PM Friday, Jul. 21, 2017

So, I’m not the only reader who likes Jane Austen. This enthusiastic email arrived in response to our item about the 200th anniversary of the British author’s death. “I can tell you that the ideas and thoughts of Jane Austen are kept alive in the Dayton area. … The fact that what Jane Austen writes is timeless and...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: We’re having fewer kids

7:08 PM Monday, Jul. 17, 2017

Looks like we’re heading toward a future of fewer kids. Our staff writer Lynn Hulsey wrote recently about a new population trend in the United States. She writes: “Last year the nation’s birthrate hit a record low, falling to 62 births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44, according to the National Center for Health Statistics...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Two views on drug OD’s

4:00 AM Tuesday, Jul. 04, 2017

Here’s more reaction to Middletown City Council member Daniel Pickard’s suggestion that the city shouldn’t respond to drug overdoses. Mike McManus: “Mr. Picard has valid points. I’m sure there are many valid reasons to continue rescuing people who have overdosed with Narcan. But, those drug addicts whose names...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Helping the OD victims

4:00 AM Sunday, Jul. 02, 2017

We gotten quite a few comments about the suggestion by a Middltown City Council member that it was getting too costly for the EMTs to bother saving opioid overdose victims with Narcan — a story that went viral nationally, by the way. This from reader Gordon Taylor: “Drug ODs cannot be ignored. Feelings to ignore result from the...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Too late to cut gases?

4:00 AM Friday, Jun. 30, 2017

The response we got to a recent column citing physicist Stephen Hawking’s idea that humans better flee earth in 100 years or perish was, as you’d imagine, pretty interesting. This from Dave Miller: “On the subject of ‘cutting greenhouse gas emissions to avert catastrophic climate change,’ how about we stop using...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Now, drive like everyone’s out to kill you

4:00 AM Thursday, Jun. 29, 2017

We got plenty of email about Ohio’s proposed law to cast fines for distracted driving. This from reader John Miller: “I ride a motorcycle, and was taught to ride with an awareness like everyone on the road is out to kill me. Of course, not everyone is, but because of your vulnerability and lack of protection, it was more a mindset...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Get ready for pizza by robot

4:00 AM Tuesday, Jun. 27, 2017

That sound you heard a few days ago was the future arriving at your front door. Our staff writer Lynn Hulsey reported last week: “If things pan out the pizza dude bringing you your hot slices could be a compact little robot that looks pretty much like a cooler on wheels. PERSPECTIVE: When comedy meets politics, things can happen &ldquo...
Can drug overdoses be ignored?

4:00 AM Monday, Jun. 26, 2017

This headline caught our eye: “Middletown council member: Can we stop responding to overdoses?” Is the best way to handle OD’s to ignore them? Staff writer Ed Richter writes: “Frustration over the amount of money and public safety services being devoted to drug overdoses led to one Middletown City Council member asking...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Time to flee Earth?

4:00 AM Thursday, Jun. 22, 2017

Here’s the most cheerful thing I’ve read this week, from Vox: “Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has set a deadline for humanity to save itself. Within the next 100 years, he warns, we need to colonize Mars and other planets. If we don’t, we may not survive climate change, disease, and other versions of doom we&rsquo...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Doing math better

2:40 PM Friday, Jun. 09, 2017

I was always a lousy math student — and apparently, I wasn’t alone. Our higher-education reporter, Max Filby, writes that many Miami Valley colleges are working hard to make math more accessible and easier to master. He writes: “College math classes have long been seen as a ‘filter’ or a ‘weed out&rsquo...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: We all just got older

4:32 PM Thursday, Jun. 08, 2017

We just learned a cool new thing about ourselves. News reports came out this week about a fossil find that pushes the birth of humankind in our current form way back. “Fossils discovered in Morocco are the oldest known remains of Homo sapiens, scientists reported on Wednesday, a finding that rewrites the story of mankind’s origins...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Suing drug companies for the crisis

8:42 PM Tuesday, Jun. 06, 2017

When blame is cast in the nation’s opioid epidemic, the list of usual suspects includes dealers, addicts, social ills. But now officials are pointing elsewhere. “The city of Dayton on Monday announced it is filing a 233-page lawsuit against more than a dozen drug companies, distributors and physicians for allegedly causing the...
TODAY’S MODERATOR: Turning food waste into gas

4:00 AM Sunday, Jun. 04, 2017

How about a bit of good environmental news — this from a recent New York Times. “New Yorkers already have blue and green bins for recycling glass, metal, paper and plastic. But now brown bins for organic waste are starting to appear all over the city. These plastic totems are part of the city’s multimillion-dollar campaign...
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