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What country has the most powerful passport in the world?

A European country has the luxury of having the most powerful passport in the world and its citizens are able to visit 177 countries without a visa. 

This passport belongs to Germany, which ranked first in the 2018 World Passport Ranking recently released by Henley & Partners, a global citizenship and residence advisory company.  

Second on the list is Singapore, whose citizens can travel to 176 countries without travel visas. Several other countries came in third place: Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Citizens of those nations have no-visa entries to 175 countries.  

Fourth (with 174 visa-free countries) are Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.  

The United States shares the fifth place ranking alongside Portugal, South Korea and Ireland, with access to 173 countries.  

In Latin America, the best passport is from Chile (161 countries), followed by Argentina and Brazil (158 countries), Mexico (144 countries) and Uruguay (139 countries).  

Paraguay and Venezuela share the 34th place in the ranking, with entry to 130 countries. Meanwhile, Panamanians can get into 129 countries without visas, Guatemalans can visit 123, Peruvians 120 countries and Colombians are welcome into 112 countries.  

The following is a sampling of the ranking:  

1. Germany: 177 countries.  

2. Singapore: 176 countries.  

5. United States, Portugal, South Korea and Ireland: 173 countries. 

16. Chile: 161 countries.  

18. Argentina and Brazil: 158 countries. 

25. Mexico: 144 countries.  

28. Uruguay: 139 countries.  

30. Costa Rica: 136 countries.  

34. Paraguay, Venezuela and St. Lucia: 130 countries.  

37. Honduras and Guatemala: 123 countries.  

39. El Salvador: 121 countries.  

40. Peru: 120 countries.  

44. Nicaragua: 114 countries.  

46. Colombia: 112 countries.  

55. Ecuador: 88 countries.  

62. Bolivia: 77 countries.  

72. Cuba: 63 countries.  

82. Haiti: 53 countries.  

100. Somalia: 32 countries.  

101. Pakistan: 30 countries.  

102. Syria: 28 countries.  

103: Iraq: 27 countries.  

104: Afghanistan: 24 countries.

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